JBL Studio 6 Series 698 5.1 + Marantz SR6015 9.2ch. 8K Atmos Network A – EAST OCEAN AUDIO SDN BHD (1265632-W)

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JBL Studio 6 Series 698 5.1 + Marantz SR6015 9.2ch. 8K Atmos Network AV Receiver Speaker Package

JBL Studio 6 Series 698 5.1 + Marantz SR6015 9.2ch. 8K Atmos Network AV Receiver Speaker Package

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JBL Studio 6 Series 698 5.1 Speaker Package
1 Pair Studio 698 Floorstanding
1 Unit Studio 655C Center
1 Pair Studio 610 Surround
1 Unit Studio 660P Subwoofer
1 Unit
Marantz SR6015 9.2ch. 8K Atmos Network AV Receiver 


JBL Studio 698 Floorstanding 5.1 Speaker Package

If you are looking for a home audio speaker system that goes above and beyond what you've ever heard, seek no further. The JBL Studio 698 package is the ultimate 5.1 speaker system that fulfils all the expectations of critical listeners. With the large Studio 698 speakers at the core of this pack, you can enjoy the highest sound quality of PolyPlas cones and marvel at the power of speaker it's drivers that enhance concert-grade accuracy and sound effects. The combination of the HD imaging waveguide and compression driver creates a sound that will surely impress. The modern and clean design is equally stylish and easy to install. The JBL Studio 6 series takes the sound and excitement you enjoy at home, to another dimension.

JBL Studio 6 Series Studio 698 Floor Standing Speakers

The flagship speakers of the Studio 6 range, the 698 floorstanding speakers deliver everything you would expect from a pair of this size, and more.

Equipped with PolyPlas cone woofer and mid range that combines lightness and rigidity. The Studio 6 speakers employ a unique SFG magnetic circuit that combines a pole piece structure that forms a symmetric magnetic field with modulation distortion reduction technology. From low volume to high volume, it achieves clear mid-low range playback with little distortion, contributing to rhythmic low range playback and clear voice range playback unique to JBL.

Key Features
- 3 way, dual 8" PolyPlas woofers, 6" PolyPlas mid-range, 1" compression driver
- JBL engineered high definition imaging waveguide
- Bi-amp compatible
- Crossover Frequencies: 320Hz, 1.8kHz
- Frequency Response: 36Hz - 40kHz
- Max Power: 250 watts

JBL Studio 6 Series Studio 665C Wide Centre Speaker

Like the compression driver, the JBL Professional Division uses a constant directional horn that uses HDI (High Definition Imaging) horn technology developed for the latest professional monitors. Delivering sound with a flat frequency response and uniform sound pressure over a wide service area, the sound localisation and precise JBL tones are echoed in the listening room.

The wide design of the 665C delivers astonishingly smooth dialogue, and is powerful enough to keep up with the large front-channel speakers.

Key Features
- Smooth dialogue from multiple bass/midrange drivers
- 2.5 way, quad 5.25" PolyPlas woofers, 1" compression driver
- JBL engineered high definition imaging waveguide
- Longer, wider version of the Studio 625C
- Crossover Frequencies: 600 Hz, 2.2 kHz
- Frequency Response: 58Hz - 40kHz
- Max Power: 200 watts

JBL Studio 6 Series Studio 610 Surround Speakers

The Studio 610 speakers, like the rest of the Studio 6 range, feature a compression driver that reproduces sound clearly and in superb detail at the highest level in its class.

The high-frequency range unit of all Studio 6 series models is equipped with a 1-inch diameter neodymium compression driver that uses a Teonex® diaphragm with high resolution and clarity developed by JBL Professional Division. Along with rich expressive power and energy, it has a supple and smooth tone.

Key Features
- 2 way, 5.25" PolyPlas woofer, 1" compression driver
- JBL engineered high definition imaging waveguide
- Made especially for wall-mounting
- Crossover Frequency: 2.4 kHz
- Frequency Response: 65Hz - 40kHz
- Max Power: 100 watts

JBL Studio 6 Series Studio 660P 12" 500W Subwoofer

The big brother to the Studio 650P, beautiful sound is matched by the Studio 660P's beautiful exterior design. Featuring solid build quality and an eye-catching wood grain finish. The Studio 660P features a cabinet structure without corners that seamlessly connects the front and rear baffles to a side panel that draws a gentle curve and suppresses unwanted resonance achieving a rich sound field reproduction. In addition, a traditional bass reflex enclosure with flare bass reflex ducts that suppresses port noise on the back of the cabinet.

Key Features
- 12" driver
- Frequency Response: 28Hz - 150kHz
- Max Power: 1000 watts (500W RMS)
- Enhances home theatre and music with deep bass
- Beautiful wooden finish
- Low standby power consumption



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