JBL VX8 Professional-Featured Digital Processor – EAST OCEAN AUDIO SDN BHD (1265632-W)

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JBL VX8 Professional-Featured Digital Processor

JBL VX8 Professional-Featured Digital Processor

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Full-Featured Digital Processor

VX8 is a powerful voice processor designed for the KTV market. VX8 not only provides multiple audio connection options, but also integrates JBL speaker and microphone factory presets. The processing power of VX8 provides the best KTV experience with years of experience from JBL Professional.

Bringing more than 10 years of KTV system and 75 years of speaker design, VX8 integrates all the system components of the JBL Professional total solution, including JBL KTV speakers, Crown amplifiers and JBL wireless microphones. VX8 provides 16 tuning presets dedicated for JBL Professional KTV speakers and JBL Professional microphones, 15-band parametric EQ for music input and 20-band parametric EQ for each of the four individual microphone inputs. Echo engine and reverberation effect are processed separately by independent DSP. RS232 is provided for central automation system and smart home.

JBL products have been the choices in professional production facilties, including recording studios, cinema, concert halls and stadium , theaters and television broadcast centers worldwide. JBL VX8 brings KTV experience to the professional level.


High Performance
Highly integrated, redundant voice processing resources, from JBL acoustic technology, crystal sound, solid bass present, best value performance.

Following the strictly controlled manufacturing standards to ensure high quality production.

Short learning curve for experienced KTV engineers and operators as the operation and user interface design is similar to the KTV industry.

Meeting the demands of all sizes of KTV facilities by providing various input and output formats.